We train and disciple Catholics to demonstrate the love of God through the power of the Holy Spirit in their sphere of influence. Through our school of ministry, dynamic conferences, events, and ministries, we provide the best opportunities possible to empower disciples to love like Jesus.



Witness how ordinary people in a church, on the streets, and on college campuses ENCOUNTER God’s LOVE and PRESENCE. We see miracles of God through the hands of ordinary people. We see lives touched and changed in an instant because God speaks to them, touches them and heals them.

“In FEARLESS the viewer will come face to face with the reality that the kingdom of God moves in power from the sacred page to the predicament of our lives. Open your hearts to a new move of God in your life as you watch this powerful film.”Jeff Cavins


REVIVE is a follow-up to the groundbreaking documentary Fearless. Following director Maura Smith, this film documents the crisis of faith among Catholic high school students and investigates what impact signs, wonders and healings could have in Catholic education.

The Holy Spirit cannot be subdued. As the Spirit did during apostolic times, the Holy Spirit’s power overflows into our lives, leading to miracles and reigniting our faith. “Revive” offers an impressive testimony to this transformative and miraculous work of the Spirit in the lives of high schoolers, resulting in a faith truly revived.” – Bishop Felipe Estevez,  Diocese of St. Augustine 

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“In the words of Pope St. Paul VI: ‘The Church’s first need is always to live Pentecost… If we really love the Church, the main thing we must do is to foster in it an outpouring of the divine Paraclete, the Holy Spirit.’ Therefore, it is my desire to support you in this ministry, that seeks to foster a culture of Pentecost – after all, Jesus came to ‘cast fire on the earth’ (Lk 12:9)! It will be an honor to walk alongside you as your shepherd, and friend, as you develop the plan and structure for a satellite campus for the Encounter School of Ministry. And my prayer is that this ministry will bear much fruit – ‘fruit that will last’ (Jn. 15:16).”




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Compartir tu testimonio es profetizar lo que Dios nuevamente hará. Esperamos que recibas inspiración y sanación de lo que Dios ha hecho en la vida de los demás.

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