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Nothing compares to the volume of content, teaching, practicing or praising that I received during the weekend School of Prophetic Ministry. I am so grateful and deeply blessed to have increased my understanding, relationship, and desire to serve the Lord through this powerful ministry. I had come grateful for gifts I had been receiving over the last several years, but needed knowledge and guidance about how to proceed. All was provided through the team’s orchestrated works, and through leaving the heavy lifting to the Lord. I received more healing, more graces, and more mercy, and gained better understanding how to cooperate and ask for more, pressing into God’s sacred and compassionate heart. Additionally, I now know how to trust within the gifts and expect all will be provided because of God’s deep love and thirst for souls. Another great gift was being powerfully moved by the Mass we celebrated together where the entire congregation was united at a deeper spiritual level than any other Mass in my life. The praise and worship music and joyful love of Christ was so inspiring and lifted my mind, body, and spirit to enter in.

At the end of the conference, the last activity we gathered in large circles of 10 people. I decided to take a leap of faith and lead. During this time I received prophetic words, images and the Father’s blessings for others and in the end, a blessing for the entire group. When my turn came to receive, one group member shared an intense and deeply healing word that shook me to my core, freeing me in taking courage to now grasp and share the ministry through these great gifts. This prophetic encounter tied everything back to one of the many words which at that moment made complete sense: in my vision Jesus came and said, “My beloved daughter, get in the boat, we are leaving!” Jesus is instructing me – and all of us – to get in the boat, we are off on a most excellent, holy adventure. He is raising his army and wants all of his children with him now. So, I am certain, as are so many others, that our mission is helping others to be healed, to experience a prophetic encounter, and He will do the rest. Beloved, get in the Boat, we are leaving! This is just the beginning…

– Sheila Bauer