Inner Healing Testimony

Jan 2021
Inner Healing (PTSD)

Fr. Chris Gaffrey sent me a video of himself holding up the phone to his computer so I could see the healing service and here him praying for me. I have a lot of physical issues, some of the biggest being fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue which is caused by trauma. I had PTSD due to a variety of incidents with a very mentally unstable ex. As I was being prayed for, I felt the anointing, like I was covered in a warm golden impenetrable protection. In my mind I clearly saw Jesus and he......

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Jul 2020
Beyond all expectations!

I had an incredible encounter with God! I was physically healed, internally healed, and spiritually filled. Praise the Lord! I came to the Summer Intensive not really knowing what to expect. I was invited by some ladies at Church. I am a Pentecostal to Catholic convert, and I came from a very charismatic evangelical church. At this conference, I started raising my hands in worship again. I had done this before, but not since I became Catholic seven years prior. On the third night, the physical healing night, the speaker had asked......

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