I went to the conference in December and let’s just say, it was incredible. I felt, when I left there, I was given the ability to breathe in the spiritual life again! I love the method “Worship, Teaching, and Activation.” Absolutely incredible! While at the conference I asked for an impartation of joy, and I have had increased joy since. I listened to Fr. Patrick’s “cultivate joy” talk from the conference in January 2020, and the day after I had uncontrollable laughter! I had never really experienced words of knowledge before but after the conference I had about four confirmed “fruits” of a word of knowledge leading someone closer to Jesus! And one happened the day after! My thirst for healing and praying has increased dramatically since the conference! I have prayed with about 18-20 people for healing since the conference. I know the Holy Spirit was released in all these prayers because I can see a change in them since we prayed, and three confirmed partial or complete healing after prayer! My vision has completely changed regarding people with wheel chairs, crutches and any physical ailment. Before the conference, when I saw a person I was drawn into their suffering but didn’t have courage to act. At the conference I asked for an impartation of courage, and today I stepped out of my comfort zone and asked for healing, and we prayed three times! There have been so many fruits from this conference and I had to share! I am sure the Lord has more planned but these are the fruits right now and I had to share! Thank you for being generous!

– Jacob[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]