Encounter Conference 2021

Session 1 – Baptism of the Holy Spirit (Fr. Mathias Thelen)

Session 2 – Supernatural Saints – (Patrick Reis)

Session 3 – The Transforming Power of the Holy Spirit (Fr. Mike Schmitz)

Session 4 – The Father’s Love (Dr. Mary Healy)

Session 5 – Healing Service (Fr. Patrick Gonyeau)

Session 6 – Advancing the Kingdom Through Impartation (Barbara Heil)

Breakout Session – Sharing in the Anointing of Christ (Peter Herbeck)

Breakout Session – For Such a Time as This: Providing a Christian Witness in a Post-Christian World (Dr. Mary Healy)

Homily – (Deacon Larry Oney)


Breakout Sessions – Raphael Cornu-Thenard- Faith to Disciple Nations


Breakout Session – Matt Lozano- Free to be Holy- Overcoming Performance-based, Hopeless, and Joyless Approaches to Holiness


Breakout Session – Fr. Boniface Hicks- Becoming Christ through the Womb of Mary


Breakout Session – Deacon Larry Oney- Discovering, Entering and Walking in your Priestly, Prophetic, and Kingly Mission Upon the Earth!


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Encounter Conference 2022

Encounter Conference 2022

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