We have gathered some of the best children and family ministers in the Church to present The Encounter Conference Kids Track.  Our kids do not have a mini Holy Spirit and Jesus was very clear that the Kingdom belongs to them.  The Kids track will provide a safe pastoral environment for our kids to Encounter Jesus and learn to minister in the power and love of the Holy Spirit.

Through sessions that incorporate worship, skits, themed games, crafts, presentations and activations of spiritual gifts, the Encounter Conference Kids track covers the following sessions:

Encounter Conference Kids Track Small Group Leader Application

Encounter Conference Kids Track Small Group Leader Application

Small group leaders joyfully accompany our kids to encounter God's love and power throughout the kids track sessions of the Encounter Conference. Please fill out this form if you would like to be considered as a small group leader for the Encounter Kids Track. All volunteers receive free conference admission, recordings of all conference talks and meals. To be considered, please fill out this form and our staff will contact you if you are accepted as a leader.


Provisional Schedule of Sessions

Thursday Evening Session – Invitation to Follow Jesus

  • 5:30pm Check in Begins (Children will receive their name tags)
  • 6:30pm Session Begins
  • 9:30pm Mandatory Pick up

Friday Morning – My Sheep Hear my Voice

  • 8:30am Check in Begins
  • 9:00am Session Begins
  • 11:30 Mandatory Pick Up

Friday Evening – The Holy Spirit 

  • 7:00pm Check in Begins
  • 7:30pm Session Begins
  • 10:00pm Mandatory Pick up

Saturday Morning – Jesus Still Heals 

  • 8:30am Check in Begins
  • 9:00am Session Begins
  • 11:30 Mandatory Pick Up

Saturday Night – Prayer Ministry 

  • 7:00pm Check in Begins
  • 7:30pm Session Begins
  • 10:00pm Mandatory Pick up (children can go back to the main hall with their parents if they like)

Encounter Kids Track Leaders & Presenters

Megan Gonyeau

Kids Track Leader

Abby Randolph

Worship Leader

Bryan O'Donnell


Kids Track FAQs

What age and maturity level is expected from a child attending the Kid’s Track?

The Kids Track is designed for children ages 6-12. Because the evening sessions will end at 10pm, please thoughtfully consider whether your younger children will have the stamina and focus to attend these sessions and also will not be too exhausted to attend morning sessions the following day.

When and where are the Kids Track Sessions?

The Encounter Kids Track Sessions happen during the Morning and General Sessions in Hall C.  Hall C is located in the space next to the main hall.

What safe environment regulations are in place?

All volunteers have been through the Virtus safe environment training and have received a backround check.

How does check in and check out work?

Upon purchase of a ticket, you will receive a custom ticket for your child that includes a QR code.  The parent/guardian must physically check their child in for each session.  At the entrance, the Kids Track staff will scan your QR code and welcome the child.  Children are not permitted to leave the Kids Track Sessions until the pick up time.  At the pick up time, the parent/guardian must come back with the ticket and bring it to the staff.  The staff will then scan the QR code and after a successful scan will call the child over the PA system to be dismissed.  If a parent loses their ticket with QR code, they must go to the Registration Desk, show their ID and have a new ticket printed.

What happens if my child melts down during the Kids Track?

In the event that a child becomes distressed and inconsolable during a Kids Session, a staff member will attempt to call the cell phone number provided for the primary parent/guardian and parents should keep their phone on vibrate during the general session.  If the staff cannot contact the parent, they will escort them to the general session and locate the parent.

What does my child do during the afternoon breakout sessions?

The afternoons are comprised of 2 breakout sessions and a Mass and they will be with you during those times.

TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT FOR KIDS TRACK – You may submit your ticket and payment information below to be placed on a wait list.



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