Teaching, activating, and deploying Catholics to participate in the healing ministry of Jesus.

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Jesus never proclaimed the Gospel without demonstrating it in power and love.  Jesus’ healing ministry is at the heart of His Gospel of power and he expects his disciples to minister his healing on the earth (cf Mt 16:18-19).  This class provides a foundation for partnering with the Holy Spirit to bring healing to the world around us.

Encounter Ministries seeks to partner with local parishes and ministries to host a weekend Encounter School of Healing.  Healing is Jesus’ idea.  It was essential to the effective proclamation of the Gospel during Jesus’ ministry and we are convinced it is one of the missing components to the effective New Evangelization of our nation.  This page provides essential information for Church’s and organizations interested in partnering with us.

What you will learn

* Most Schools of Healing go from Friday evening thru Saturday night. However, please note that instructors & event schedules vary by event.
Check out the calendar for campus-specific details and registration.

friday evening:

  • Session 1: Baptism of the Holy Spirit

saturday morning

  • Session 2: Theology of Healing
  • Session 3: Role of Faith & Prayer Model for Healing

saturday afternoon

  • Session 4: Overcome Discouragement & Understand Impartation
  • Session 5: The Power of Testimony & Accessing Words of Knowledge for Healing

Saturday Evening

Healing Service
  • Participants serve as members of the healing ministry teams.



The Encounter School of Ministry values freedom and joy in our response to God’s goodness. We express this in our school culture through childlike worship. Classes begin with an extended time of praise as we cultivate our awareness of God’s manifest presence and celebrate together His goodness.


Students learn about the nature of transformation by the renewal of the mind and seek to shift from thinking from an earthly perspective to a heavenly perspective in regard to ministry


We believe that as you embrace your identity and live out of the inheritance Jesus won for you, your mission, ministry, and God-given dreams will flourish in every season of life.


We believe community is essential. You’ll meet with other passionate disciples to encourage and build you up. You never know where the Spirit might lead with your new brothers and sisters in Christ.


You will have many opportunities to both receive and offer prayer ministry, practice with the gifts you have understood and activated, share God’s heart with your neighbors, and celebrate the miracles the Lord is working!


Burnout often accompanies life in mission. Be renewed, transformed, and set on fire for the Kingdom.

Upcoming 2-day Weekend Schools


You may request to host Encounter Ministries: Encounter School of Healing at your parish or in your community. 



Please read the tabs below before requesting to host a school.

Encounter Ministries External Event Guide

Cost & Fees

CostThere is no fee for the hosting organization (parish/ministry).  The host must also allow Encounter Ministries to take up a free will offering during the event. *  There may be a cost to bring in a praise and worship leader, depending on the parish needs. 

Registrants & Fees: Each participant will have to pay a registration fee in advance on the Encounter website. Attendance varies by region and ability of hosting organization to promote the school.  We have seen as few as 100 and as many as 250 participants.

  • MEALS: Food is not typically provided for participants. If the host would like to provide meals, they may do so and participants may select meals as an additional cost during registration.
  • MATERIALS: The host must print copies of the Encounter School of Healing Participant Packets provided to you by Encounter Ministries.
  • EVENT SET-UP:  The host must overseeing the location needs for the school of healing and Saturday night healing service, and ensure sufficient sound and projector needs are met at the location for both the school of healing and healing service.
  • WORSHIP MUSIC – The host must provide a local contemporary praise and worship leader.
  • PROMOTION –  Effectively spread the word and promote awareness of the Encounter School of Healing in your region.  Encounter Ministries will provide a web page for your event, a custom flyer and facebook event page

theology faq

do you need “gift” of healing to minister to the sick?
what happens if i “lose” my healing?
is it licit for lay people to lay hands on the sick?
does jesus reject “signs and wonders?”


Sleep Restored

For the first time in over 30 years, I have been able to sleep on my back after being prayed over Friday evening. Usually within 5 to 10 minutes my nasal passages are clogged up and I can not breathe. I had been forced to sleep on my sides. During this past year, my...

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Rotator Cuff Healed

For years I have been suffering from an issue with my right shoulder, results showed a cyst and the doctor said no operation was available to help me. In Jan 2020, a specialist said I had to live like that, with lots of pain, minimal movement, sleepless night and no...

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My skepticism was blasted away

At the School of Healing, I saw my friend Mary's rotator cuff be healed by my other friend Cynthia. This was a powerful experience for me to be an eyewitness to such a significant healing, and my lingering skepticism was blasted away. During the school I believe a...

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Hunger for more

I had been starving for a greater outpouring of the Holy Spirit in my life for a while. But, it seemed like it was all for "them" and I was being left out of this new movement of the Holy Spirit. I was from the "old school of Catholic Charismatics" and truly felt...

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healing testimonies

Sharing testimony is to prophesy what God is going to do again. We hope you will receive inspiration and healing from what God has done in the life of others.


Check out our media projects and gain encouragement and inspiration.


Request Encounter Ministry Speakers for your upcoming event. Availability is limited:
Fr. Mathias Thelen | Patrick Reis |
 Sarah Kaczmarek | Fr. Patrick Gonyeau