``These signs will accompany those who believe...they will lay hands on the sick and they will recover.`` (Mk 16:17)


An overflow of the Encounter School of Ministry, Encounter Ministries seeks to partner with local parishes and ministries to host a weekend Encounter School of Healing.  Healing is Jesus’ idea.  It was essential to the effective proclamation of the Gospel during Jesus’ ministry and we are convinced it is one of the missing components to the effective New Evangelization of our nation.  This page provides essential information for Church’s and organizations interested in partnering with us.

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Leader Testimonials

The Encounter School of Healing was a spark that lit a fire at our parish. Aside from the healings at the event, it has resulted in people seeking more of the Spirit and a monthly gathering of 40-50 people where we discuss the gifts of the Spirit and activation exercises to practice the gifts as well.

Testimonial Tom Ponchak
Tom Ponchak
Adult Faith Formation Director, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Carmel, IN

``The Encounter School of Healing has opened the eyes, hearts, and minds of my parishioners--and others in our diocese--to the awesome healing power of God and His real desire to use us as instruments of His healing love!``

Testimonial Fr. Craig Doty
Fr. Craig Doty
Pastor, St. Peter Church, Lincoln, NE
FAQs & Expectations

Most of the schools go Friday evening through Saturday night.

Friday Night

Session 1: The Gospel of Power

Saturday Morning

Session 2: Theology of Healing

Session 3: Role of Faith & Prayer Model for Healing

Saturday Afternoon

Session 4: Overcoming Discouragement & Understanding Impartation

Session 5: The Power of Testimony & Accessing Words of Knowledge for Healing

Saturday Evening

Regional Healing Service (participants serve as members of the healing ministry teams).

  • There is no fee for the hosting organization (parish/ministry) but they will be expected to cover the travel expenses of the presenter and the food needs of the day.
  • Each participant will have to pay a registration fee in advance on the Encounter website.
  • Overseeing the location needs for the school of healing and Saturday night healing service.
  • Facilitating food needs for participants.  Option 1: Provide lunch and dinner for the participants over a 1 hour break each (this ensures the ability for participants to attend the Saturday vigil mass).  Option 2: Allow a 2 hour break for lunch and dinner for participants (this would not allow time to attend a Saturday vigil Mass).
  • Covering the travel expenses and accommodations of the Encounter presenters (two).
  • Provide copies of the Encounter School of Healing Participant packet provided to you by Encounter Ministries.
  • Ensure sufficient sound and projector needs are met at the location for both the school of healing and healing service.
  • Either provide a local contemporary worship leader or cover the stipend to have one sent with the presenter.
  • Allow Encounter Ministries to take up a free will offering during the healing service.
  • Effectively spread the word and promote awareness of the Encounter School of Healing in your region.  Encounter Ministries will provide a web page for your event, a custom flyer and facebook event page.

Attendance varies by region and ability of hosting organization to promote the school.  We have seen as few as 100 and as many as 250 participants.

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Encounter School of Healing Presenters

Fr. Mathias Thelen S.T.L.

President & Presenter

Father Mathias Thelen is the President of Encounter Ministries and established the healing ministry of Encounter Ministries. He has seen the deaf hear, the blind see, cancer tumors dissolve, food allergies healed and countless other healings through his ministry. He has an amazing gift for cultivating an environment of faith for healing that is rooted in the confidence to see healing flow as a result of the proclamation of the Gospel.

Patrick Reis M.A.

Executive Director

Patrick is the Executive Director of Encounter Ministries. He has led countless Encounter School of Healing events and has a passion to see Catholics activated to see healing flow through families and has a defined gift of making healing ministry accessible to the most normal person.

Fr. Patrick Gonyeau

Associate Healing Evangelist

Fr. Patrick Gonyeau is a priest in the Archdiocese of Detroit and a regular associate speaker and presenter for Encounter Ministries. He has been described by many as one of the most joyful and child-like people. He carries a wonderful healing anointing and has seen the lame walk, the dear hear and incredible miracles break forth in his ministry. A very effective presenter of healing ministry, Father Patrick has equipped many Catholics to step into the healing ministry of Jesus.

Joe Philip

Associate Director

Joe is the Associate Director of Encounter Ministries and is recognized as a gifted teacher of great faith. He has led healing ministry internationally and has a desire to see healing ministry as an outpouring from the heart of the Father.

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my speech and my message were not with persuasive words of wisdom, but with a demonstration of the Spirit and power, that your faith might not rest in the wisdom of men but in the power of God.

Saint Paul 1 Corinthians 2:4-5