Encounter Ministries Event Planning Details Form

We are so excited to be able to partner with you for an Encounter Ministries event! In order to proceed in the planning process, please complete the following form to finalize the event details. Once completed, please return as soon as possible. Thank you!

Event Details Planning Form

Basic Information

Event Type
Friday / Saturday dates agreed upon with Encounter Ministries [Ex. Friday, October 14 - Saturday, October 15th]

Weekend Intensive Venue Location

This address should be where participants who are attending the Weekend School are directed. This can be different from where the healing service is taking place if the event is a School of Healing.
This is the maximum number of weekend school attendees that can fit comfortably in the venue.

Healing Service Venue Location

This address should direct people to where the public healing service is taking place.

Vigil Mass / Letter of Suitability for Visiting Clergy

Is there a vigil Mass available for conference participants to attend.
Are visiting clergy able to concelebrate Mass?
How should their Letter of Suitability / Good Standing be submitted?


Worship is an essential part of every event Encounter does. We value freedom and joy in our response to God’s goodness, and we express this through a time of praise as we cultivate our awareness of God’s manifest presence and celebrate His goodness together. The hosting organization should make arrangements to provide their own worship leader. You can take a look at this playlist (https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2uo6IpUvP5yfR4NrNn9NSq?si=a9YpwoPDTzGUD9DhM_KuyA) of songs that are common at Encounter events, as an example of the worship that should be provided. If you would like additional support in preparing for worship during the event, please let a member of the Events team know and they will put you in touch with the Director of Worship.
I understand that I am responsible for supplying a worship leader for this event.

Suggested Area Hotels for Participants

Meals for Participants: Meals for participants are not included in the ticket price. If a hosting organization would like to provide meals or any type of refreshments, they are solely responsible and will inform Encounter Ministries prior to registration opening for marketing purposes. .
Minimum Number of Registrants: Encounter Ministries reserves the right to cancel the event if a minimum number of registrants are not met. The minimum number of registrants is 50, two weeks prior to the event. While it is not a guarantee that the event will be cancelled if this threshold is not met, there is a possibility. If this is a concern for your event, you will be contacted by an Encounter team member in advance. Please be sure to keep up to date on registration numbers via the shared google sheet.
By submitting this form, I understand the expectations of a Hosting Organization for an Encounter Ministries event and acknowledge Encounter Ministries can move forward to officially schedule this event.
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