I attended the healing service at St. Patrick’s church led by Fr. Gonyeau on Sept. 06, 2019. At one point, he breathed/blew hard a couple of times in the microphone.
At the same time, I felt someone blowing on the right side of my neck and gently touching the very top of my head with a finger – and I felt good/warm!
I sat towards the back of the church. When Fr. Gonyeau was done, I asked the people around me if they had touched my head or blew on my neck – all denied. They said no one had come near me.
I had a severe fall back in wintry January, falling on ice and hitting my back and head against the ground. There was no one on the street. I almost passed out. However, I felt an invisible hand picking me up and someone saying to me “get up quickly, don’t stay there”. I did. However, I’ve had increased pain in my neck, back and right shoulder ever since. I also have Ankylosying Spondilities, arthritis, vitamin D deficiency, bone breaking in my neck – and I am sure the fall did not help. I do not sleep well because I cannot turn my neck whichever way to sleep. After Fr. Gonyeau’s prayer, I felt the tension released somewhat – but the pain is still there.
Could your team kindly continue to pray for me?

Fr. Thelen also mentioned someone hurting their elbow while lifting up boxes… Many years ago, that happened to me. I felt something “snap” in my left elbow – perhaps a tendon or nerve. In both cases, I never went to the doctor. Could your team also continue to pray for that?
My upper body, my shoulders, my back, my neck, my arms are filled with arthritis and AS and I have a leg shorter than the other and these falls/injuries have not helped. I am stiff, not very flexible and constantly exhausted because of the pain.

Interestingly, I did not even come last night for a physical healing – I had come to receive a word of knowledge about (1) my job situation (I will be unemployed in December), (2) whether or not the Lord wants me to stay in Michigan and make it “my stable home” (I’ve moved 14 times in 19 years!!!) and (3) my involvement with any healing ministries, specially Encounter Ministries. Could your team continue to pray for me for these?
May GOD richly reward you!

– Emilie G