On the closing of the second day of the Pacific Northwest Conference, the leaders held a Words of Healing and Wisdom group prayer. The five ministers were calling out sicknesses and injuries prompted by the Holy Spirit and commanding them to leave the people or persons who had it.
I was a little hopeful, but doubted the chances, of someone calling out the medical problem I had. I have had problem swallowing since I was little, because of my Eosinophilic Esophagitis, which causes my throat to be half the size of a regular persons. Towards the end of the night, and Father Mathias spoke out healing on a person who had issues with they’re esophagus, especially with swallowing. I felt a heat in my throat, and I didn’t stand up because I was not sure if it was meant for me or not. But for the next 5 minutes there was a warmth in my throat, as if I was struggling to swallow hot food but it got stuck in my throat. I sat there not moving, trying to figure out what was happening, when after the five minutes the heat stopped I realized I could swallow normally. I didn’t have to focus on being able to swallow, or force anything down, and it felt for the first time since I could remember smooth and easy to swallow.
I brought this up to the resident priest, after telling my mom what happened, and he had me explain what had happened to one of the members of the prayer team. He then had me go to the back of the church to test out my esophagus by eating some really stale candy. Although the candy was hard to chew, it was the first time I was able to swallow food without having to force it down.
The prayer team member then took me to the altar to testify what had happened. I testified what had happened to the congregation, and told Father Mathias that he wasn’t crazy, and the words he spoke were Words of Healing prompted by the Holy Spirit.

-Jeremy J.