During the Encounter School of Healing, I asked for prayer over my eyes since I have a history of glaucoma and macular degenration. As a result, I felt the joy of Gods unsurpassing peace in my heart, and possibly a 10% improvement in vision–and more was yet to come. My previous ophthalmology visit created some uncertainty because Dr. Thomas Hauch said he was not sure what he was seeing in my retina pictures, whether it was archival, historical or otherwise. He wanted me to come back in one month instead of the regular two month interval for follow up. When I saw him on Tuesday morning, Nov. 19, he reviewed the current retina pictures and proclaimed that they “looked great.” Additionally, my ocular pressure that day was measured at 14 in both eyes, a normal range. Typically in the past, the pressures ranged from 16-19. Dr. Hauch recommended eliminating one of my three medicated eye drops, with a monlth follow up for review. I was totally delighted with the news of improvement, and thank Jesus for His healing gifts through the Encounter ministries and prayer partners. Blessed be the Name of the LORD!
– Teresa T.