In June 2017, I was diagnosed with Relapse Remitting Multiple Sclerosis. My symptoms had started in December of 2016 when I got my first lesion in my neck. Since that day until the healing session I had not had a single moment without extreme discomfort from itching, burning, shocks, buzzing, twitching, weakness, etc. Since the healing, I have had none of those. I have been able to reduce my medications to the levels they were pre-MS. I am scheduled for MRI’s and am looking forward to seeing if the lesions a still there or if they’ve been healed as well as my symptoms.
I will admit I was highly skeptical going into the session, having been anointed by a priest and several other healers praying over and for me throughout the years. Praise God, I agreed to try. He has worked a miracle.
I am not 100%. You try laying in bed all day, every day for 6 years and see how much stamina and strength you have. I had to relearn how to walk without my previous balance issues from MS. I still fall down occasionally, but I get back up with a laugh and a joke.

– Diana Munko