Fr. Chris Gaffrey sent me a video of himself holding up the phone to his computer so I could see the healing service and here him praying for me. I have a lot of physical issues, some of the biggest being fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue which is caused by trauma. I had PTSD due to a variety of incidents with a very mentally unstable ex. As I was being prayed for, I felt the anointing, like I was covered in a warm golden impenetrable protection. In my mind I clearly saw Jesus and he was ANGRY. His robes billowing out behind him as He stormed into my brain and ripped out the traumatic memories one by one by the roots. When he was done, I felt a profound sense of peace and JOY. And only the kind of Joy that comes from Jesus. I feel as if now I have a light coming from within that leaks out…I’m praying that I’m able to now reach others through the power prayer so the light, the joy, that I am now able to feel- I want everyone to feel it too!! I want Christ to be seen first and always when people look at me. Maybe now they will just FEEL IT! God is great! God Bless! I’m so excited, feel free to contact me. Thank you ??

– Caitlin Silver