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Jesus still heals today and desires to demonstrate the truth of the Gospel through healing.

Encounter City-Wide Healing Services are sponsored by a Church who opens its doors to everyone in need of healing. Often, Christians from all denomination, and even non-believers, have come seeking healing and have left with incredible faith in Jesus Christ.

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 We believe that not only does Jesus still heal today, but that healing is one of the most powerful ministries of evangelization. Jesus never preached the Gospel of the kingdom of God without demonstrating the kingdom through signs, wonders, and miracles, with healing as the most frequent demonstration of God’s love.  This will include a time of worship and praise, proclamation of the Gospel and preaching, corporate prayer for healing ending with individual prayer teams for healing. Come prepared for breakthrough!

6:30pm – Opening Praise & Worship
7:00pm – Gospel Proclamation
7:30pm – Corporate Prayer for Healing & Testimonies
8:30pm – Individual Prayer for Healing
9:30pm – Closing 

*Schedule may vary by date and location. Click on an event in th calendar for event-specific information.

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If joining us in-person, no registration needed! Just show up! Click on a calendar event to see specific details on location, schedule, presenters and more.

For information about COVID-19 regulations, please visit current event policies or click on an event in the calendar to see specific details.



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Sinus Healing

Sinus Healing

At the Feb. 26th Healing Service, I asked to be prayed over via online Zoom room for post-nasal sinus drainage that I've had for 10 years, and for high blood pressure. For years I have taken 3 times the normal dosage of antihistamine to stop the sinus drainage. Then a...

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Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune Disease

During the Healing Session with Father Mathias, he mentioned Autoimmune Disease. He also mentioned eyes. At that precise moment, my eyes were flooded with moisture. Previously, I have been treated for chronic eye dryness from Raynaud's Disease. My eyes were so dry...

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Healed Shoulder!

Healed Shoulder!

I attended the online Healing Service a few weeks ago. I had pain in my left shoulder and arm, especially when typing at my high table. I would have to use my right arm to hold my left arm just to ease strain. That night I received prayers for healing, which I claimed...

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school of healing

(2-DAY EVENT) Teaching, activating and deploying Catholics to participate in the healing ministry of Jesus. We partner with local parishes and ministries to host this weekend training.  Healing is Jesus’ idea. It was essential to the effective proclamation of the Gospel during Jesus’ ministry and we are convinced it is one of the missing components to the effective New Evangelization of our nation. 

inner healing & freedom

Jesus came to set the captives free and release the prisoners. Encounter Ministries provides Jesus’ ministry of inner healing and freedom for anyone seeking more of Jesus’ promise in their life. The ministry consists of 2 hour sessions with couples trained by Encounter Ministries. The prayer teams are mostly husband and wife teams who have freely received immense freedom and desire to freely give that to others.

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healing testimonies

Sharing testimony is to prophesy what God is going to do again. We hope you will receive inspiration and healing from what God has done in the life of others.


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Request Encounter Ministry Speakers for your upcoming event. Availability is limited:
Fr. Mathias Thelen | Patrick Reis | Joe Philip
 Sarah Kaczmarek | Fr. Patrick Gonyeau