I’ve had high blood pressure for a number of years despite being on blood pressure medication. Recently I experienced some heart-related symptoms. As a result, I had a cardiac CT scan that showed I had a high level of calcium (plaque) build-up—apparently more than my cardiologist expected based on the level of concern it raised. Since a cardiac CT does not identify blockage, to determine the amount of blockage in my arteries, I was told I’d need a cardiac catheterization. Before the catheterization, two doctors from different medical practices explained that, while it might be possible to insert a stent to address the blockage, I should be prepared for bypass surgery. Hearing that, I began saying the Novena of Surrender to the Will of God and asked some of my prayer warrior friends to pray for me. I also attended, via zoom, the April 21, 2023 Encounter Ministries healing service during which healing prayers were said for people with heart issues. Then, days before the cardiac catheterization, I had the ‘triple crown’—receiving the eucharist at mass, followed by confession, followed by the anointing of the sick. And finally, my daughter, Melissa, and our friend, Fr. Izzie, both prayed healing prayers over me as they have been taught by Encounter Ministries. Suffice it to say, I was not worried. Whatever the outcome, I had surrendered to God’s Will. After the catheterization, when I was told there was NO BLOCKAGE, I must admit I questioned the medical staff. “No blockage?,” I asked. “You mean not enough blockage to place a stent. Or, are you saying there’s nothing blocking my arteries?” Their answer was—no blockage, none. Praise God. Since then a few adjustments have been made to my blood pressure medications because now my blood pressure is almost too low. And, all the heart-related symptoms I had been experiencing before the cardiac CT are GONE.

– Barbara Murphy