I had been starving for a greater outpouring of the Holy Spirit in my life for a while. But, it seemed like it was all for “them” and I was being left out of this new movement of the Holy Spirit. I was from the “old school of Catholic Charismatics” and truly felt forgotten, washed up, ignored, and left behind. One day, after a week of having tantrums in the Presence of my Father God, I noticed the bulletin advertising a “Transformation Night.” TRANSFORMATION was the correct word for that night!!!! I will NEVER forget November 1, 2019. I could hear my Father laughing in my imagination the ENTIRE evening as He addressed EVERY single complaint and accusation I had made against Him that whole week! He could not have made His love for me clearer! After that evening, no one could have prevented me from going to the next Transformation Night, and the next. From the first one on, the Lord has poured out an ever-increasing abundance of grace, consolations, blessings and HUNGER FOR MORE!!! on me. So much so that I felt I HAD to be a part of this thing called Encounter Ministries.

So when the School of Healing on February 7-8 was offered, I jumped at the opportunity. It seemed to me to be a “crash course” of what my friends were telling me about the School. Though I did not receive physical healing over that weekend, my desire to receive MORE AND MORE AND MORE of what they were talking about continued to increase. The Father continues to guide me and equip me for a lifestyle that He is drawing me into. I desire the physical healings and I believe that He will use me to heal others, but the intangible ways that I have been healed through this ministry are so powerful that I cannot stop praising God. I believe that He will continue to allow me be formed and transformed through this School of Healing, and I eagerly await the next opportunity to be a part it. THANK YOU FATHER FOR NOT LEAVING ME BEHIND!!!!

– Donnamarie Lapczynski