During the course of study at the Encounter School of Healing, it was emphasized that God made me so that His power could be in the world. How could I wholeheartedly harness His power? Simple. Pray daily with a renewed mind, and ask Jesus to give me more. Further, I learned if I value something, I’ll go after it. I needed healing as I had chronic, arthritic, right shoulder pain which impaired my range of motion and caused limitations for many years. We assembled into small groups to practice the healing prayer model over each other. As one of the prayer partners began the process of praying over me, a tingling sensation was felt in both of my hands. Her hand was on the upper right quadrant of my back where an intense heat began to penetrate. Then, I began to move my shoulder and neck fully and freely. Even as our group moved to the front of the church to share God’s healing mercies, one could touch my back and feel the warmth of this miracle that had just taken place for me.

– Bridget Szynski