Conference Transformation

I now have greater intimacy with God in prayer and daily life. I feel like I have eyes to see what the Father is doing in a new way. When I experienced powerful physical manifestations of the Holy Spirit, it confirmed in me God’s love and his power to spread his love to others. My mind continues to be so renewed daily in knowing who God is and who I am in him. I feel like the conference strengthened my desire and courage to share the gospel with others.


Receiving prayer and impartation at the conference has given me a greater boldness in proclaiming the gospel and stepping out to pray with people for healing and for more of the Holy Spirit. I have a greater confidence in hearing God’s voice to guide my prayers for healing for others. I have also noticed growth in the prophetic and seen fruit as I pray for others. A twelve-year-old girl my prayer team prayed with said she felt Jesus’ hands touching her as we prayed for healing for her! And last week when the ministry I am a part of was praying for a greater release of the gift of prophecy, I felt Jesus hand touch my neck!! And my husband felt Jesus’ hands on his head, and no one touched us! In fact our friend who was praying saw Jesus place his hands on my husband’s head in the spirit and my husband confirmed he felt it!

– Melissa Zumpano