The overall fruit of the conference is affirmation and a deeper confidence in using my gifts, and now I am boldly stepping out in faith acting on prompts from the Holy Spirit. I have also seen an increase in anointing of my gift for prayer ministry, and I’m getting words and images for people as I’m praying with them. At a recent church mission, I prayed with a young girl who was suicidal. We prayed for God’s love to overpower her so she could feel like the beautiful daughter He created her to be, and I had a vision while praying for her of Jesus telling her to reach for Him and He will heal her. During the Eucharistic procession later, I felt prompted to go to the back of the room and asked the Lord, “Why do you want me back here?” I opened my eyes, and the same young girl from earlier was next to me. I prayed for healing for her, and as the Blessed Sacrament came closer, I told her to reach for Him. As I was praying, she clutched the bottom of the monstrance, and it felt like a shell cracked under my fingertips and fell away from her. I had an immediate deep sense of joy and felt that she was healed of her suicidal thoughts. On my way home from the mission, I got a text from her proclaiming she was healed! Praise God! I still am shocked I followed the prompt from the Holy Spirit to give her my contact information – I have NEVER done that! But I was prompted and was obedient, and I got confirmation that the Father’s joy I felt deep inside was true. I LOVE YOU, JESUS! I know He sent me back there so she would see me and find me. God is so good!!! There is more! Always more!