“I have been living in fear and self-criticism almost all my life, and never have I felt more healing, love, freedom and strength as I did after 2 hours of praying with Encounter Ministries and connecting with the Trinity. It is as if I got renewed as a person, in body and soul, and given a new life in Christ this time. I feel peaceful and fearless! And this is only the beginning of the new adventure.”

– Inner Healing Participant

Inner Healing & freedom Ministry

Perhaps now, more than ever, the church needs sons and daughters pursuing holiness and wholeness. We want to partner with Jesus to bring you the freedom and healing you need to grow closer to Him and follow Him more radically. 

Because of this, we have launched a completely online inner healing platform for you to receive prayer from a team of trained prayer ministers who have been equipped to walk with you in a prayer session.


Step 1:  Application

After submitting a request for prayer, you will receive a short video to watch and some information to prepare you for your session. 

Step 2:  Meet for Your Session

Each session lasts up to 2 hours and will be conducted solely over Zoom.  Due to demand we can accommodate one session per request and possibly a second one if it is determined it is needed.

Please Note: Our ministers have been trained to walk with you in prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit.  We are not mental health professionals, spiritual directors, or any other kind of helping professional.  This is solely a prayer ministry and does not constitute mental health assistance. The ability to receive this ministry is based on available session ministers and agreement with Encounter Ministries guidelines. Not everyone requesting ministry will be able to receive ministry.

sarah kaczmarek

Director of Inner Healing Ministry

Sarah serves as the Director of Pastoral Ministry at Encounter Ministries and oversees the Inner Healing & Freedom Ministry.  Prayer teams are made up of Encounter School of Ministry students who have completed at least the first year of the Encounter School.

“The session revealed to me very strongly that I have always had the most powerful Father that I can ever dream of. My Father is our God who has never and will never betray me in my life. Who I can trust with all my heart! He always was and is my Father who created me and cares for me to the end. I love you my Heavenly Father!”

“The two gentlemen were kind, gentle, and extremely powerful prayer ministers. Through their guidance, the Holy Spirit took me to various places in my past that needed to be cleaned up. Ever since our prayer time, my union with God has been much more intense. I highly recommend it to anyone to try, even if you are not aware of a need for inner healing. God never disappoints”



How many sessions can i have?

In order to reach as many people as possible, we are asking that people understand that we can offer them one session with the possibility of a second session, if necessary.

Can i have an in-person session?

Unfortunately, we can only meet with people over Zoom.  Zoom is a free online platform that will take only a few extra minutes on your part to set up for your session.

what is the cost?

There is no cost for a session, but we do ask people to consider making a donation to bless others who also would like to benefit from this ministry.

Who leads my session?

You will be assigned a certified prayer minister.  They will have an intercessor along with them to pray for you during your session.


“A truly beautiful part of this prayer session was the feeling of peace that I experienced. The day had started off very difficult for me and I honestly wasn’t even sure if I was mentally able to go through a prayer session. The love and peace the Father gave me during that session cannot be described.”

“The inner healing prayer time was anointed. Although I do not often feel anything when being prayed over, this time tears ran freely — it was such a consolation to me as the Holy Spirit seemed so PRESENT, powerfully ministering to my heart and soul : ) Even over ZOOM! The protocol of freedom was efficacious. I still feel a powerful PEACE after the prayer session. Freedom!”

“During the session, I felt overwhelmed with emotions. However, I immediately noticed that after the declaration of the truths, I was trying to go back to the areas that Jesus revealed to me and that those sad emotions were gone and are still gone! I now feel that those emotions are far away from my mind and my heart. I feel free and more confident. I realized that my father who I had missed all of my life, was just a human father and that now, I no longer blame him for his actions. The session revealed to me very strongly, that I have always had the most powerful Father that I can ever dream of. My Father is our God who has never and will never betray me in my life. Who I can trust with all my heart! He always was and is my Father who created me and cares for me to the end. I love you, my Heavenly Father!”

 “After months of pain in my hip/back (which I hadn’t mentioned during the session) and medical treatment, chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, massage therapy, and pain relievers, I was asked at the end of the session if there was something physically they could pray for. I mentioned the pain and they prayed for me. I felt only minor relief immediately, but the next morning the pain was gone! I didn’t take my arthritis pain medicine the next day and still didn’t have pain by the time I got to my physical therapy appointment after a full day of work. I told the PT about the prayer session and that I may be canceling my future appointments! Praise God!”

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