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Jesus came to set the captives free and release the prisoners.  Encounter Ministries provides Jesus’ ministry of inner healing and freedom for anyone seeking more of Jesus’ promise in their life.  The ministry consists of 2 hour sessions with couples trained by Encounter Ministries.  The prayer teams are mostly husband and wife teams who have freely received immense freedom and desire to freely give that to others.

How does this work?

If you desire to receive prayer for inner healing and freedom, simply use the contact form below and tell us what you are seeking prayer for and any backround you find important for us to know.  That request will be sent to one of our teams and they will go ahead and schedule a first prayer session with you.

Learn more about the keys to inner healing and freedom from the talk posted below:

Where do these prayer session happen?

Most of the teams will lead prayer out of their own homes.  Each team coordinates their own plans for time and place of prayer through email.

What does a typical session look like?

An inner healing and freedom session always begins with a period of teaching.  Your prayer team will teach you what they are going to do, why they are going to do it, what the prayer time is going to look like, and give you a chance to ask questions before they move into the time of prayer.  This includes the areas of prayer they will lead you in, the important biblical principles at play, the role of hearing God’s voice, and how to respond. We assure everyone receiving ministry that nothing will happen that you do not already know and are comfortable with in prayer.

After the teaching, the team will move into the actual prayer. This will go until the time is up.  It will end with you receiving notes and post prayer suggestions and plans for follow up and whether or not the team believes you may or may not benefit from another session.

How many sessions are needed for my healing?

It is absolutely impossible to know how many sessions are needed. These prayer sessions help establish the process of inner healing in one’s life but must be sustained through your life of prayer, Christian community, Sacraments, etc.  Although we do not know the means, we are committed to partnering with you until you receive the breakthrough of healing and freedom that Jesus wants for you!

Are these sessions appropriate to receive physical healing?

Absolutely!  In our experience, physical healing and inner healing are closely connected.  We have already seen many people who came for inner healing, also receive dramatic physical healings, including digestive allergies healed, prostate cancer healed, and more!

Listen to Patrick Reis’ talk from the Encounter Conference “The Keys to Inner Healing and Freedom”:

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