Inner Healing & Pastoral Ministry Team Stipend Report Form

Stipend Policy: All certified Encounter Ministries Inner Healing & Pastoral Ministry prayer leaders are eligible to receive an optional monthly stipend of $50 per approved session according to the following guidelines:

  • Stipends must be reported between the 1st day and 7th day of the month for all sessions happening in the previous month only using this form.
  • If a prayer leader fails to fill out this form by the deadline, they will not receive stipends for the previous month of sessions. 
  • Only ministry sessions approved by the Encounter admin team and scheduled through the flexbooker platform can be reported. Our team will cross check these entries. 
  • Stipends will be sent out between the 15th and end of the following month.
  • Example: For all approved sessions you lead during the month of January, you must fill out this form and report your sessions between February 1 and no later than February 7th. Stipends will be processed between Febrary 15 and the end of the month. If you fail to report your January sessions by the deadline, you will not receive stipends for that month and cannot report your January sessions in the February report.

Encounter Ministries Inner Healing Prayer Leader Stipend Report Form
Only ministry sessions from the previous month should be counted.