I was invited by my friend, Patty to attend the Encounter School of Healing. It was a Divine Providence weekend for me.
Friday night as Fr. Patrick prayed for the Holy Spirit to come down upon us, to heal us, I had been praying this past month to open my heart to Jesus. I had been giving him my sorrow, my suffering, etc…the Holy Spirit worked in my heart to heal the betrayal, the distrust and the rejected love that was still in my heart. The tears began to flow and my heart felt free. What a huge grace and blessing I received!
On Saturday evening. I also received healing of my upper spine from arthritis which had been bothering me for several months, no more stiffness, tight muscles, or pain. All gone, all healed! Praise Jesus!

The fallen angels attempted their attack especially on Monday. I felt really bad, tired and aching. Then I remembered to reclaim my blessings and healings and within minutes I started to feel better. Not only did I pray to reclaim my blessings, but also asked the Holy Spirit for more, more healing, more blessings and the Holy Spirit graced me with more.
I know I was invited to be there this past weekend, not by chance , but by Divine Providence. I believe the Holy Spirit is leading me to another mission for my life.

– Diane W