The word “Intercede” comes from the Latin “inter” which means “between,” and “ced” which means “go.” Literally “intercede” means “go between.” Intercessors are those who are “go betweens” between the Lord and his people.

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The Father loves it when we, his children, come to him and ask him to work on our behalf.

We acknowledge that there is no greater foundation for all ministry we undertake than storming heaven in humble and child-like intercession. God’s heart is moved to act when his people cry out to him. The Father loves it when we, his children, come to him and ask him to work on our behalf.

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An Encounter Intercessor is someone who is committed to the intercession of Encounter Ministries and the missions God calls us into whether foreign or domestic.  Approximately each month our Intercessor Coordinator emails our Encounter Intercessors with the prayer needs of the ministry.  We also acknowledge that God has often revealed prophetic insight and revelation to our intercessors and we ask our intercessors to communicate any prophetic revelation to our Intercessor Coordinator that will be communicated to the Encounter leadership.

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My daughter and her 13 year old son are being seriously attacked and oppressed by demonic forces. My daughter who is a strong believing Christian is wanting to commit suicide and my grandson is being very rebellious towards his mother and following his father, they are divorced, who is a non-believer and a narcissist. My grandson had gone to a Christian school from kindergarten through 6th grade; however, due to circumstances at the school he now is in a public school. He has gone from being on the Honor Roll to failing in a public school, he is severely depressed and has also mentioned suicide. My grandson is very emotionally abused by his father, his father's live in girlfriend and his grandfather. His grandfather was in the military and has skills in brainwashing and we believe that is what they are doing to our grandson. My daughter can't control his behavior, but he is drawing closer to his father who is abusive and cruel to him, while my daughter is loving and caring. None of this makes sense, other than there is definitely demonic activity and we need help in battling what is going on. My daughter's name is Elizabeth and her son's name is Tristan and the ex husband is Ian, girlfriend (who we think practices sorcery) Kathleen and the grandfather's name is Mike. We know God can heal and stop this demonic activity, but only through prayer. We are praying, but I know that the more prayer, the more God works, Thank you and God bless you.

Received: November 22, 2021

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