The word “Intercede” comes from the Latin “inter” which means “between,” and “ced” which means “go.” Literally “intercede” means “go between.” Intercessors are those who are “go betweens” between the Lord and his people.

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The Father loves it when we, his children, come to him and ask him to work on our behalf.

We acknowledge that there is no greater foundation for all ministry we undertake than storming heaven in humble and child-like intercession. God’s heart is moved to act when his people cry out to him. The Father loves it when we, his children, come to him and ask him to work on our behalf.

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An Encounter Intercessor is someone who is committed to the intercession of Encounter Ministries and the missions God calls us into whether foreign or domestic.  Approximately each month our Intercessor Coordinator emails our Encounter Intercessors with the prayer needs of the ministry.  We also acknowledge that God has often revealed prophetic insight and revelation to our intercessors and we ask our intercessors to communicate any prophetic revelation to our Intercessor Coordinator that will be communicated to the Encounter leadership.

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Please pray for my daughter Lola. She keeps getting ahead and then behind in homework. She is a college student and went w a full Scholarship. Pray that God removed oppositional defiant disorder from her and all Mental illness. Pray that she catches up On her homework and work and saves money. She was dating and sleeping w a man who spent a month in a mental hospital. She got a good job and a man who is in an open marriage was chasing after her. I personally need miracles in all areas of my life. Success in my finances - breakthrough in my relationship w Richard, freedom from Kyle. My kids and I need psalm 91 protection from all curses and issues and for Yahweh to contend w anyone contending w us and for our dogs to be safe. I need for other people to stop interfering in my life and our lives. My son needs success in college w engineering. We all need beauty and permanent and immediate weight loss. I need God to perfect all that concerns me and restore us times 7. To remove all witchcraft and familiar spirits and all spirits not

Of God. For Yahwehs word and Yeshua’s blood ro Surround us and our lives and finances and speak against curses and enemies. Please pray for us to

Have immediate and permanent breakthrough, protection., healing and victory, beauty, abundance and restoration in all areas of my and my kids lives and my relationship w Richard. I need Yahweh himself to come down and fix everything right now in Jesus Christ’s name.

Received: March 27, 2024

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