We acknowledge that there is no greater foundation for all ministry we undertake than storming heaven in humble and child-like intercession.  God’s heart is moved to act when his people cry out to him. The Father loves it when we, his children, come to him and ask him to work on our behalf. The word “Intercede” comes from the Latin “inter” which means “between,” and “ced” which means “go.” Literally “intercede” means “go between.” Intercessors are those who are “go betweens” between the Lord and his people.

What is an Encounter Intercessor?

An Encounter Intercessor is someone who is committed to the intercession of Encounter Ministries and the missions God calls us into whether foreign or domestic.  Each month our lead intercessor emails our Encounter Intercessors with the prayer needs of the ministry.  We also acknowledge that God has often revealed prophetic insight and revelation to our intercessors and we ask our intercessors to communicate any prophetic revelation to our lead intercessor that will be communicated to the Encounter leadership.

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Encounter Intercessor Sign Up Form

Lynne May

Lead Intercessor

Coordinates and communicates the intercessory needs of Encounter Ministries. Lynne lives in Dimondale, Michigan. She is an editor for The Word Among Us, a member of Church of the Resurrection in Lansing, and a member of the Work of Christ Community. She holds a bachelors degree in English and a Master in Social Work from the University of Michigan. She has been working with college students by leading small groups and 1-1 mentorship for many years with University Christian Outreach. She volunteers with Encounter Ministries and has been blessed by their training. You can email her directly at intercessor@encounterministries.us.

Intercession Prayer Wall

I prayed for this

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I humbly ask for a miracle. I ask for the immediate conversion of my wife, Jodi, and her mother, Shirley, in Jesus' name. I humbly ask Jesus today to forever save my marriage to Jodi from legal divorce, to fully reconcile and restore my marriage with Jodi,and to send the Holy Spirit down upon Jodi and her mother today to remove their hearts of stone and give them hearts of love, flesh, forgiveness, reconciliation with me, joy and peace. I humbly ask Jesus today to bestow upon Jodi the grace to fully cooperate with the graces already bestowed upon her and to be bestowed upon her to save our marriage from legal divorce. I humbly ask that the Holy Spirit envelop Jodi today in Jesus' name and remove all demons and evil spirits that cloud her judgment and understanding of God's Will regarding our marriage. I humbly ask the Holy Spirit today in Jesus' name to remove all negative influences in Jodi's life, my life, and our children's lives. I humbly ask in Jesus' name for St. Michael to protect and defend Jodi and immediately remove any demonic influences and oppression, St. Raphael to heal Jodi and restore her to my spouse, and St. Gabriel to open Jodi's eyes and ears to God's light, love, mercy and Will and to remove all of the confusion brought on by others, by demons and by evil spirits so that she comes to realize that divorce is not the solution and thus withdraws the filing for divorce and reconciles the marriage. I humbly ask all of this in Jesus' name through Our Blessed Mother. This is a very dire situation, but Jesus I trust in you. Amen. 

Received: May 10, 2020

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