I have attended all of the Encounter Conferences. During the first conference I experienced a miraculous healing. I had just been diagnosed with degenerative spine disease about 2 months before the conference. The team began demonstrating words of knowledge. Many spinal related conditions were being said, but not “degenerative spine”. I remember praying, “Lord, I believe in you, but if you want me to be healed you’re going to need to be specific.” No sooner than I prayed that prayer did I hear Patrick say “Erin, L4-L5”. WOW, to say the least! My friend Rochelle elbowed me and said “Stand up!” I did, shocked to hear my name. The evil one, however, is cunning and I immediately began to doubt that it was my L4-L5 discs (who cares, right?!). I did not feel any different other than blown away by hearing my name. Weeks later, it dawned on me to check my diagnosis which, of course, showed L4-L5 discs. I ran to my friend Doris and said “Jesus wanted to heal me that day and I wasn’t ready, I am now… pray over me now!” I haven’t had to take a lick of Alleve since (I was taking daily and nightly pills before that day). That was my first Encounter Conference.

The next two conferences just continued to strengthen my faith and fill me with much needed confidence. But, I never fully felt as though I was able to be used by God. I felt as though I was getting in my own way. I kept praying and trying though. Then my friends convinced me to try the School of Prophetic Ministry. I thought I would try it, but didn’t have confidence that I could do much. Well I was right, I can’t do anything! But, God is good, so patient, so loving. I finally got out of my own way. Every activation produced fruit as I would quiet myself and ask the wonderful questions the speakers provided. The most important being, “Lord, show me how much you love this person.” “What do you want for this person?” “How would you like me to share this with them?” I was also blessed to be part of the lunch group who prayed for our server at Red Robbin. God blessed that wonderful girl through the words He wanted us to share with her. I now have the courage and boldness to do this daily! God knows this world needs more of Him, now and forever. Thank you for this opportunity and God bless you all!

– Erin Everlof