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We need your help for growth & support of this mission.

Encounter Ministries is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization. Our mission is to train and disciple Catholics to demonstrate the love of God through the power of the Holy Spirit in the world around them. Through our School of Ministry, conferences, training events, healing services and special ministries, we provide the best opportunities possible to empower disciples to love like Jesus. Over the upcoming year, we hope to provide scholarships for prospective students, bring Encounter Ministries to Lebanon, launch the Kingdom Medicine initiative, help our media team capture powerful testimonies, and expand our Inner Healing and Freedom program.

A message from Fr. Mathias and Patrick:
Can you partner with us in these areas of growth & support?


We want to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth, especially in places that are hard to reach and need our support. Lebanon is the last Christian nation in the Middle East and has been experiencing economic distress. We are partnering with the community United in Christ in Beirut, Lebanon to launch the first Arabic speaking satellite campus.


Goal: $30,000

  • Cover all the expenses of the Encounter School leader formation for United in Christ leaders to launch an ESM Satellite Campus in Beirut.
  • Provide the travel expenses to Michigan for the Beirut Campus satellite leader training conference.
  • Cover all expenses for Encounter Leaders to hold a free conference in Beruit at the invitation of Bishop César Essayan OFM to plant seeds for the satellite campus in Beirut.


We believe God has a desire to be a part of healing not only in our churches but also in the medical field.  We are launching a network of medical professionals passionate about partnering with the Holy Spirit in their field and seeing God move in medicine.  We will also be launching our first-ever Kingdom Medicine Conference.


Goal: $20,000

  • Organizational expenses needed to launch the Kingdom Medicine Network.
  • Funds to support the formation of a Kingdom Medical Conference.


Our heart is that we could equip more students regardless of means to advance the kingdom in their spheres of influence. Our goal is to provide students without means access to a two-year scholarship to complete the Encounter School of Ministry.


Goal: $100,000

  • 50 full scholarships and 100 partial scholarships for both young adults and Church leaders in serious financial need to attend the Encounter School.
  • These scholarship funds will be available across all campuses through a scholarship application for the 2024-2025 ESM school year (details to be released after the conclusion of the campaign).

In 2022, my father passed away on his 90th birthday in May, I was diagnosed in June with MS and my sister passed away in August from terminal brain cancer. It was a year of much loss, fear and grieving in my life and my family’s lives. The one positive that I felt was that I was growing closer to God, even though I didn’t understand why things had happened the way they did. It definitely required me to trust and surrender to God. My inner healing session with Encounter Ministries was incredible! During the session, God not only brought me inner healing with the loss of my father and sister, but also physical healing with my MS.Thank you Encounter Ministries!

Inner Healing leading to physical healing

Michael M.

I experienced physical, spiritual, and emotional healing during and after my session with Encounter Ministries. I knew that spirits could affect us in physical ways, but as a practicing Catholic who frequents the Eucharist and Confession, I never expected them to be affecting me. But due to some childhood trauma, they gained an ‘in’ and had been inflicting pain and difficulties on me for years. My prayer team did a great job of identifying which spirits were causing me trouble (spirit of fear, spirit of anger, spirit of self-recrimination, and so forth) and leading me through renunciation of them along with forgiveness for the people who hurt me. I loved hearing from the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit how they view me and what truths they wanted to give me to replace the lies I believed about myself. I could feel the grace entering me as I was being prayed over, and the next day, after supernatural experiences in prayer, I knew that it was safe to eat the foods I had been allergic to. Dairy, eggs, etc. Things I haven’t been able to eat in almost a decade aren’t bothering me in the slightest! I know that I have the Father’s protection and that I can walk forward without fear to live out the call He has given me.

Living in the Father's Protection

Olivia S.


The Inner Healing and Freedom Ministry offers FREE sessions from trained facilitators via the Zoom video-conferencing platform to participants worldwide. Since the launch of this ministry, there has been global life-changing fruit and ever increasing demand. In order to ensure the highest level of quality and accountability, we pay our facilitators for their work.

Goal: $20,000

  • Expenses for 400 inner healing and freedom sessions to the general public.
  • Train new facilitators to meet the demand of session requests.
  • Expand sessions to include Spanish, French, and German.


It’s the goal of our Media Team to testify to what God is doing in the Church, through Encounter Ministries and through YOU. Testimony is prophecy for what God has done and will do again.  Your gift would assist our media team to capture powerful doctor-verified healings to share with the world, as well as help fund upcoming documentaries.


Goal: $25,000

  • Up to 4 high-end media projects that communicate the supernatural power of God breaking into the world and made available to the Church for free.

Advancing the Kingdom Donor Appreciation Gifts


Author Signed Copy of Supernatural Saints 

All gifts $250+ will receive and author signed copy of Supernatural Saints
by Patrick Reis. This gift is only available to donors in the United States and Canada


Transformation Night VIP experience for 4

You and three people of your choosing will be invited to attend one of our 2023-2024 Main Campus Transformation Night’s as special guests (see schedule here). This includes a reserved seating area with the ministry team and a special opportunity to interact with the leaders and speaker.*


Regional Encounter Conference Experience

You will join the Encounter Conference leaders and conference ministry team at one of our upcoming regional conferences. This experience includes a room in our hotel block and eating meals with the team as you experience the Encounter Conference. (travel expenses not included).**


Encounter Conference Speaker Dinner and Premium Reserved Experience for 4

All gifts $10,000+ will receive 4 Premium Reserved tickets (value of $349 each) to the 2024 Encounter Conference  (Toledo) AND an invitation to an intimate dinner with the Encounter Conference Speakers and leaders on June 27 during the conference.***

* A member of the encounter staff will reach out to you prior to the event to confirm details. Full donation must be paid in full at the time of confirmation. Donor space at each transformation night will be limited.

** Regional Conference options include the Twin Cities Encounter Conference April 11-13 in Minneapolis, MN (date subject to change) and the Mexico City Encounter Conference April 19-21. This experience includes meals with the conference team and one hotel room where the conference team will be staying. Transportation needs to the conference, during the conference and after the conference will not be provided. You will be contacted by a member of the Encounter Ministries staff to coordinate the details. Full donation must be paid in full in order to confirm details.

*** The four premium tickets include special reserved seating at the 2024 Encounter Conference. The dinner with all Encounter Conference speakers and ministry leaders will occur during the dinner break on June 27th. After donation is received a member of the Encounter Ministries staff will reach out to you to coordinate your group at the conference. Travel and accommodations for the conference are not included.

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