I was blessed with many miraculous experiences for the first time in my life at the Dec. 2022 Encounter conference held in Michigan. The two that I will share today are that I experienced uncontrollable shaking, multiple times, in different areas of my body, but mainly my hands and arms. Every time they would say “Come Holy Spirit” or start talking about the Holy Spirit this would start and grew stronger at different times throughout the day. I am still experiencing this great joy today. The second miracle was that my knees were completely healed!! Truly and completely healed. I have been contemplating knee surgery for some time now and my knees have not been functioning for over ten years now. I could barely kneel and definitely could NEVER sit down on the ground on my knees. When Damian Stayne did a “Shadow Healing” I was present but I stayed in my seat and was praying extra hard for a few other individuals that I knew needed healing. My body was shaking uncontrollably but I was not asking for a healing for myself. Then when he asked for everyone to see if they had anything healed I could barely believe it. The pain in my knees was completely gone! I tried to bend them a little more and then my daughter said “You can bend your knees!” She said try to kneel and get up and I could do it no problem. I was speechless and I thank GOD every single day for this beautiful gift of healing. Even now, a month later, my knees are like brand new. THANK YOU JESUS!! I am beyond grateful for the Encounter Team, all the speakers and everyone who made this conference a life changing experience for me…Thank you!

– Gina O’Neill