This healing is something that I believe started during Ministry school but happened during the conference. ( a little background )I’ve had knee pain since I was about 12- they told me it was “growing pains “. It never went away- would be worse at different times- much like arthritis, but no real diagnosis. About 11 years ago, i injured my right knee – onre Dr. said it was just bad arthritis and would need a knee replacement when I was “old” enough. It turned out to be a torn meniscus which was surgically repaired – the worst of the pain went away, but I was left with a mild -moderate continual discomfort that I just “ got used to”. Over the last 11 years both knees have caused issues intermittently. In the past 4 years, I’ve had prayer ( from members of our Charismatic prayer group) for healing quite a few times- each time it would improve a bit- but never go away completely.
There are 2 amazing things Jesus did though. I am an Encounter Ministries School student, and one night during praise and worship ( I had been standing about 30-40 min since we got there way before class began, and I was having a lot of pain but would not sit down- and I was thinking how “ old and broken -down I feel for someone in their early 50’s… what will I feel like at 80?! I heard the Lord say somewhat “firmly”- you are not old and broken down ‘ stand up straight !’ This was about 3 weeks or so before the Encounter conference ‘19- from that point on, I consciously began to try and stand up straighter and concentrate on my core and lower back- didn’t really notice much difference at that point. Fast forward to the Conference- on Friday during lunch I decided to go to Reconciliation- I knew there were some sins that I had confessed years ago, but I felt like the enemy still used them to convict me that I wasn’t worthy of being used in ministry- so I went to Fr Mick and had probably the best confession of my life- he prayed over me as well—when I got up I felt different ! I hurried to the breakout sessions because I was now a little late- while sitting there- I realized something was different- but I didn’t really know how different until I went to Mass that evening and realized that I didn’t have to shift around so much due to pain- I would usually keep one foot up on a kneeler during Mass ( at my home parish)to relieve the pain! After Mass i mentioned to a friend that I think my knee/ legs were healed ! We were so excited but I was hesitant because I’d been through this before- we continued to talk about it in the hotel elevator – when we got out, an older gentleman I’d never met, grabbed my arm and said- “come here I want to talk to you”. My friends and I followed him to the hotel lobby- he had me sit in a chair and lift my legs-heels touching- he /we could see that my left leg was about 3/4 in shorter than my right!( I had never paid attention before) . He put my feet to the floor and began praying quietly and when he lifted my feet again, my legs were the same length!! Praise God it was amazing! ( my friend Mary said she saw my leg lengthen as he lifted it) The rest of the conference I had occasional discomfort- but nothing like usual. From Jan to now , I have had the most improvement ever- eapecially remembering to “ stand up straight “ like Jesus told me to!
Sorry this is so long-( I thought a little history would be helpful , but could be omitted if you ever wanted to share this) ,- I don’t have any recent documented medical evidence since I’ve been just using “ conservative “ measures when I have “flare ups”
I think it’s a great example of someone having blocks to healing and how a great confession can help 🙂

-Cathy P.