I just wanted to share my testimony from the Catholic charismatic renewal conference in Scranton the first weekend of August – the only reason I went was because I saw Patrick and Doctor Healy’s name on the agenda. While I thought both my fractured knees got healed able to kneel down during adoration on a hard floor and ever since without any problems it wasn’t until 2 weeks later that I forgot to take my pain medication to be able to sleep at night and I woke up with no pain. I’ve had this pain in my back for the past 10+ years and accidents on an annual basis for the past six years has made it worse. Multiple herniated and bulging discs from the cervical down to the thoracic and lumbar region of the back. I was not able to sleep without taking a pill for pain each night. and as the pill wore off I would immediately have to get out of bed and start walking around to alleviate the pain.
On August 20th I forgot to take the pill after meeting with a priest(fr Liam McDonald) who is familiar with encounter ministries and introduced me to it and we were talking about the 2020 conference coming up. I came home so excited that I forgot to take my vitamins and I forgot to take my pain pill.
well praise God I haven’t taken a pill since August 20th and I am completely pain-free in my back.

-Grace B.