On Nov. 9, 2019 I attended the 7:30 p.m. healing ministries at Little Flower Catholic Church in South Bend, Indiana. Because of left knee pain and limited stamina, I did not attend the other Encounter events. Because of multiple limb sparing surgeries 15 yrs. ago by a musculoskeletal oncologist for a large tumor in my right femoral trochanter (shown to be multiple myeloma) my right side was greatly compromised. My left side became my new dominant side. Two years ago as my body grew weaker I became walker dependent. My left knee which had been compensating became more problematic and painful to the extent I became more sedentary as well. My weight climbed. In an effort to prepare for left knee surgery for degenerative arthritis, I shed pounds but was still left with left knee pain that disturbed my sleep and hurt when I was non- weight bearing. My pain level was a 7 on a 10 scale and would go as high as 8-9 when exacerbated by random movements.
The Encounter ministries along with fellow parishioners, friends, and family present at Little Flower prayed over me. I felt light as a feather and when I first attempted to walk using my cane only, I felt “ woozy”. I paused to fully absorb what was happening to me and let the wooziness pass. To my surprise I giggled out loud in a joyful and playful spirit not just once but a number of times. Others encircling me smiled and studied me. Once I was reoriented to where I was and what had happened, I stepped out and forward with my cane. My gait was effortless, almost a gliding motion rather than my usual trudging steps. My left wrist was without pressure as per my usuaI experience when walking with my cane. I felt graceful! I attempted some sits and stands to see how well my legs and knees supported me. I rose to a standing position in one continuous movement using only my cane to balance me. I was overwhelmed with gratitude. I had missed being able to rise and stand gracefully. My standing efforts had always been a big production looking painful and impossible to onlookers. My left knee was free of pain and my functioning was greatly improved. I pondered at the thought of being able to do some dance steps after seeing how well I was moving. I focused on just walking free and feeling like I had just learned to walk all over again. It was truly the work of prayerful hearts. I was filled with the Holy Spirit and love all around and throughout my body. Sandra Tito

And my left knee and lower body strength has continued to the present day.  I use my walker 80% LESS of my time at home and out.  I tell everyone I meet how I came to do so well these last few weeks. I do have some days where I glide more than other days. My adult son threatened to get a turtle and race it against me to see who would win. Since November 9 there is no contest!
– Anne T.