At the start of COVID, Hanzel, my husband, experienced a severe pain on his neck, shoulder and down to his back radiating to his fingers. He couldn’t lift anything heavier than a cup of coffee and couldn’t tolerate staying on a chair. Due to lockdown, he suffered the sharp-shooting pain for three months without seeing a specialist. As the situation eased down he managed to consult a chiropractor and found out that he has a disc herniation. As for me, my shoulders and back pain has worsened in due time because of my line of work. It’s the pulling, pushing and lifting that’s been the main contributing factor of the pain. After every work shift I will just stay in bed to rest my back. The spasm and soreness will be better for about a day or two of rest. Hanzel and I go regularly to our chiropractor and osteopath and the pain will temporarily be gone then come back again. During the Encounter conference with the pray over healing of Fr. Mathias, Hanzel was in the room browsing for a physiotherapist to consult for the cracking of his neck. I called him to be prayed over by Fr. Mathias. As he was watching he felt the heat, tingling sensation and the shaking of his body. He was crying all through out. Then he tried to move his neck and the cracking is gone. He can move his neck freely with ease. He’s been healed right there and then, praise be to God!!! For me, I felt the warmth in my body and felt so light like a feather. I didn’t require to rest my back after because I was pain free. I’ve worked three shifts after the Encounter conference but I never felt the pain or spasm in my shoulders and back. We praise and we thank you Lord God for healing us! Hallelujah!!!

– Hanzel & Liza Romulo