At the conference, I let Jesus flood my heart with intense love. I felt free from the chains of my worries by spending a few days immersed in his love. Just praising God and listening to His will for my heart was life-changing. As we were praising, I was given an image of Jesus holding me tight as to not let me fall. My head was resting on His big shoulder. Later in the conference, He showed me a gift that will carry me all the days of my life here on earth. He again held me with our feet dangling in the sky high above the earth. This time He held my special needs daughter along with me. There was laughter and such joy for the three of us to be holding each other. Below us were an endless number of souls my daughter has saved throughout her life. My daughter is on life support, and I have never been shown an image from Jesus with her, being free from tubes and able to laugh and be physically healed for the brief time in the vision. I love Jesus so much and want to share Him with everyone I meet. Since the conference, I now feel free to pray more with strangers and receive words of knowledge.