At the Encounter Conference, Fr. Mathias felt that God was leading him to call up someone who had lost their faith to come forward to be prayed with. I looked at my husband and told him he needed to go up and receive prayer. He received prayer, felt nothing, and sat back down. Then, my husband said it felt like his feet were burning and like they were stuck to the ground. He was balling his eyes out and told me to go up and get the same prayer team that prayed over him before. After a while of prayer, one of the prayer team members knelt down and prayed over his feet. She was able to lift each one and when she did she said she saw angel wings come out from them. Then, my husband said he felt a sense of calm and peace, and he was able to forgive those in his life who had hurt him. At that moment his life changed, and he has become a new man. Before, he was always angry, trying to start arguments all the time, miserable, and wouldn’t go to church with us. He hadn’t been to church in years. Now, he is kind, generous, thoughtful, slow to anger, family-centered, and never misses Mass. God not only changed my husband’s heart, but he changed our family forever!! We are eternally grateful for the grace and love that God showed my husband and our entire family that day. We now attend Mass as a family, and we are on fire for the Lord. Come Holy Spirit!