My motherhood has been transformed. Before the conference, I constantly fought an interior battle to help my children without letting them see my irritation and deal with their interruptions politely. So, I entered the conference in a confusing spot with God, pretty joyless. Now, I have enduring joy, peace, and patience with my children. There have been a couple tough moments where I’ve allowed myself to get irritated, but my starting point has completely shifted. I met the Holy Spirit in a personal way at the conference, and feel I now understand him much better and have a relationship with him. I can feel the Holy Spirit, and when I pray “Come, Holy Spirit,” I expect Him to show up. Also, I’ve never been asked to speak before, but four days after receiving an impartation of joy at the conference, I was asked to speak at a retreat about ‘Parenting with Joy’. The people who asked me had no idea what I had experienced, so it was clearly the Holy Spirit who made them think of me. This transformation is so radical in my life. And lasting. This conference has radically transformed my prayer and my family life.

– Carrie S.