At the Summer Intensive Conference which I participated in via the Zoom livestream, I received a healing in the area of identity. Though I had experienced healings before, I always struggled with believing that I was as important to God the Father as others were. During one of the prayer times, I began to experience a stirring in my heart, an unbelievable warmth. I became overwhelmed with the Father’s presence. I received an image of God the Father lifting me up and telling me how important I was. He knew my heart and I was beautiful in His eyes. Told me I was so precious. I was flooded with his love. The Father was restoring me and bringing healing to me. I needed to see and hear and feel that love, that eye to eye contact at the same level, meeting me where I needed to experience Him the most. Flooded with His presence. God met my expectations and more. GOD has immeasurable love for each one of us. 

– Rachelle Arcoite