Plan & pURPOSE

False mindsets, the culture, our past, can all wreak havoc on our understanding of who we truly are. When these veils are present in our lives we are prevented from seeing ourselves as our Heavenly Father sees us. Over the course of three evenings, we will invite the Lord to renew our minds and show us what it means to live out of our identity as God’s beloved sons and daughters. Encounter Ministries would like to partner with parishes in Southeastern Michigan to provide an opportunity for the veils present in our hearts, families, and parishes to be torn, allowing us to begin to live freely out of our identity as God’s beloved Sons and Daughters.

We’re excited to announce we are now able to provide 3-day parish missions to parishes located in the southeast Michigan region at NO COST to hosting parishes. God has blessed with so much and we want to share these blessings with our local community. We have lined up several members of the Encounter Team, trained and ready, to provide 3-days of powerful and transformative experiences for your parish.

Program options

Parishes may choose which program works best for their parish needs. Each program is designed to take place over three nights. Option one focuses soley on Hearing God’s Voice, option 2 focuses on Identity, and option 3 is a combination of Identity, Hearing God’s Voice and concludes with a healing service on night 3.

option 1

At the heart of all relationships is communication. In our relationship with God, we communicate through prayer. Through-out these three evenings, we are going to come to an understanding that God not only wants us to call out to Him, but He longs for us to know His voice, the voice of a good Father.

option 2

As sons and daughters of God, we have received an inheritance to do the works of Jesus and even greater works (Jn 14:12) through our royal identity. Throughout these three nights participants will begin to learn to shift from a performance based mentality where their value and identity comes from what they do for God and into an identity where their value comes from who they are as sons and daughters of God alone. 

option 3

Through these three powerful nights, participants will learn about the nature of transformation by the renewal of the mind and seek to shift from thinking from an earthly perspective to a heavenly perspective in regard to ministry (Matt 16:23). In each session, participants will come to understand and experience their identity as temples of the Holy Spirit, be convicted of the new nature we have received from Jesus through baptism, live in the power of the Holy Spirit and respond to the authority we have received to expand the kingdom of God for a life of mission. On the last night, participants will see firsthand that Jesus never proclaimed the Gospel without demonstrating it in power and love with a healing service held at your parish.


The Encounter Ministries parish mission will be led by members of Encounter Ministries and instructors from the Encounter School of Ministry. Parishes will be assigned a parish mission leader based on location and availability of our speakers. 

parish requirements

  • Currently, the Encounter Ministries Parish Mission Program is only available to parishes residing in the southeast Michigan region. We hope to extend this offering to other parishes in the future.
  • There is NO COST to hosting parishes, but parishes must allow Encounter Ministries to take up a free-will offering to help cover expenses
  • Parishes are asked to coordinate all on-site logistics (i.e. registration, A/V needs)
  • Encounter Ministries will provide the parish with flyers, bulletin information, social media and web graphics. The parish is responsible for using the materials provided to advertise to the parish and community.
  • Minimum registrants may be required. 

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