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BRIAN STARLEY | Brian’s deepest conviction is to make room for the presence of God, and to honor what He’s doing above all else. He desires to train others to abide in the place of deep intimacy with the Holy Spirit, and to equip the church for the operation of signs and wonders, in order that we may declare the fullness of the gospel with word and power. He began ministering at 15 years of age, following a supernatural encounter with Jesus which marked his life. From this encounter he began ministering extensively on the streets and in churches, seeing the fruit of healing, miracles and transformation of lives as he followed the leading of the Spirit. He has attended Global Awakening’s school of supernatural ministry for three years, spending the third year traveling with Dr. Randy Clark, where he received further mentoring and witnessed the Lord bringing revival nationally and internationally. His ministry is marked with impartation and a strong gift of healing, along with prophetic revelation that redirects perspectives and awakens hunger in those He ministers to.