revive Healing Evangelization Event

We are now partnering with high schools to schedule REVIVE Events for next school year.


A REVIVE healing evangelization event, as seen in Maura Smith's REVIVE documentary, consists of a 2.5 hour morning in-service where that Gospel of Jesus Christ is proclaimed, the message is demonstrated by praying for physical healing, and closes with an opportunity for students to personally respond to the Gospel invitation. The event itself is much more than a one day event and includes a commitment to significant preparatory and follow up efforts to ensure that the students and school community experience the transforming power of Jesus in a way that is fully responsible and pastorally sensitive.


Before the REVIVE event, we ask each partnering high school to oversee the following:

  • An introductory zoom call with Encounter leaders and school leaders.
  • Sending an explanatory letter to families several months in advance explaining the full scope and purpose of the event.
  • Providing teaching on the gifts of the Holy Spirit for evangelization through resources provided by Encounter Ministries.
  • Sending communication to families one week before the event with an opportunity to opt out of the event.
The Event

The event consists of a 2.5 hours in-service put on by Encounter leaders which includes preparatory entertainment, a personal testimony and Gospel proclamation, corporate prayer for healing with testimonies of students healed, and an opportunity for students to personally respond to the Gospel. Encounter leaders will also provide suggestions for further opportunities throughout the day which include:

  • Opportunities for students to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
  • Using religion class as a study hall and giving students the option to go to chapel for adoration.
  • Inviting local prayer teams to come and pray with students.
Follow Up

After the event we ask that follow up responsibilities occur including:

  • An email to families recapping what happened with FAQs on healing provided by Dr Mary Healy.
  • In school follow up for students to ask questions and process the event with suggestions and resources provided by Encounter Ministries.
  • Suggestions and resources for how campus ministry can provided discipleship opportunities that help their students grow after this encounter.
Cost, Fees and Available Grant

Because of the great undertaking and time involved on our end in making these events possible, including the consulting needed in the preparation, team for the event itself and support in follow up, each school should be prepared to pay or fundraise the expenses needed to make this process possible. 

Encounter Ministries has received a grant to cover the cost of 4 REVIVE events each year. Please let us know in the application if you need a grant.

Media Package - $1000 FREE
Our media sponsor, Peter Sauer of EdTech Solutions ( provides participating High Schools with a FREE Media Package ($1000 value). This package includes the talks given at the event, as well as recap footage featuring healing testimonials, prayer ministry and more. 


revive documentary

Watch Now:

radio interview

Listen to Fr. Walter and other school leaders share the fruit of the REVIVE event at their high school, Archbishop Bergan in Fremont, NE in April 2021. 


event recap

Watch the recap video from our visit to Archbishop Bergan HS Fremont, Nebraska. 

FREE media package
($1000 VALUE)

We want to thank our REVIVE media sponsor, Peter Sauer of EdTech Solutions for providing $1000 Media Package FREE to High Schools hosting a REVIVE event. This package includes recordings of the talks and recap footage featuring healing testimonies, prayer ministry and more. This is a great way to share your experience with students, faculty, families, parishes and communities.


If you are in leadership at a high school and would like to partner with Encounter Ministries to host a Revive healing evangelization event, similar to what was featured in the REVIVE documentary, please fill out this form.
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Do you have any questions you have about hosting a REVIVE event at your school? You can contact us below.