For years I have been suffering from an issue with my right shoulder, results showed a cyst and the doctor said no operation was available to help me. In Jan 2020, a specialist said I had to live like that, with lots of pain, minimal movement, sleepless night and no anti inflammatory meds or physical therapy was helping.

I attended an Encounter School of Healing to learn more about healing, but not expecting anything for me. But as during one of the talks, Patrick picked an example of a an injury when praying for healing, he picked rotator cuff! It hit me in the heart and I claimed that healing was for me. He mentioned it three times in his talk and at the end he asked if anyone was in pain would want to go on stage to have prayer by someone who never prayed for healing. So many people were raising their hands, but I knew it was my healing and I yelled from the corner of the room, “Me, me! I am in pain, it’s my rotator cuff!” That caught his attention and he turned to where i was sitting and I was just feeling Gods presence. He called me up and a lady named Cynthia. She prayed for me alongside Patrick and Fr Matthias and after two times praying for healing, the Lord restored my arm. WOW!!!!! I am enjoying my healing! Praise the Lord !!!! Mary Cruz

– Mary Cruz Guzman