The Goodness of God! The Lord had been preparing me for a trial in my life. He was speaking words of beauty over me through prophetic words. He was giving me visions of my heart being pierced. Also, visions of me in the boat with Jesus during the storm, resting peacefully. Most of the words and visions took place in Year 1 Encounter School LA campus. In May, just before the end of the school year, my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. On July 2nd demonic manifestations began through her. She passed away on Sept. 10. It has been a process of trying to keep focused on Jesus. There was a darkness that I couldn’t seem to shake. Just when I though I would start to feel better, I would start to feel overcome again. I even went away for a night with a praying friend just before New Years. We stayed at a B & B close to a church so we could go to Mass & adoration. I remember telling her , “I don’t know if I will ever feel normal again.” I came home feeling refreshed but not completely free. On New Year’s Day I finally started listening to the talks from the conference. I started with BARBARA HEIL’S talk. As her words penetrated my heart, I couldn’t stop crying. I felt her talk was just for me! She talked about DISTRACTION THROUGH DISAPPOINTMENT! That summed up what had happened to me. I couldn’t seem to get passed all the disappointments of watching my mother being tormented by an evil spirit and also being attacked myself by the spirit through her. GOD ALWAYS DESIRES HEALING FOR US! I’m so thankful that His grace moved through the anointed preaching of Barbara and set me free from a very dark 6 months of my life. From the cross comes the resurrection! Although it was a challenging time, it reaffirmed THE PERFECT LOVE OF MY HEAVENLY FATHER, HIS HEART FOR ME and HIS PROVISION FOR MY LIFE! May I always keep my eyes fixed on the eyes of the ONE WHO OVERCOMES EVERY STORM IN MY LIFE!

– Jayne Harrison