1. Good evening,
    I wanted to write to you to share my testimony after listening to the Noah Gilchrist interview tonight. I believe that Noah received the Word of Knowledge about me when he was speaking about “the woman in the car listening.” While listening to your talk tonight, I tried to find solitude by escaping to the garage to sit in my car for the last 5 minutes so that I could focus without distractions from kids 🙂 While I sitting in my car, I began to pray along with Noah and was just thinking about how I wished I could hear Jesus and maybe receive a Word of Knowledge too. That’s when Noah immediately spoke the word about the “woman in the car” and a flood of emotions came upon me. I just felt like this message was for me and that Jesus wanted to tell me that He does love me and hear me! He wanted a relationship with me and also to being my family back into relationship with him. This also spoke to me because my husband, also raised in a VERY Catholic family, has been very content to be the “Sunday Catholic “ and is a little leery of this new version of my faith.
    I just cannot tell you what your Words said to me and am now more confidant than ever that this Encounter Conference in Toledo will be life changing for myself and for my family.

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