At the Feb. 26th Healing Service, I asked to be prayed over via online Zoom room for post-nasal sinus drainage that I’ve had for 10 years, and for high blood pressure.

For years I have taken 3 times the normal dosage of antihistamine to stop the sinus drainage. Then a few months ago, my normally low blood pressure started averaging 142/75, and 3 weeks ago I burst a blood vessel in my eye. I could no longer take antihistamines because of both my blood pressure and my eye.

I came to Jesus for healing in desperate faith. One man who prayed for me sensed that since we are in the desert for Lent, my sinuses would dry out for good over the next few days. The other man prayed that my blood vessels would be strengthened, and I would no longer have to use all that Kleenex. I said, “Amen, Brother!” My hands felt heavy. I felt nothing else, but I claimed my gradual healing in faith.

My sinus drainage has stopped since then, and my blood pressure has gone back to averaging 118/76. God is so good! I can never thank Him enough! Praise Him forever!

– Jackie MontAlto