Since the Encounter Conference, in prayer I am being filled with Divine Love and Power everyday. I am now connected to the Divine power source. I see more movement in the gifts of deliverance, physical healing, and words of knowledge. I know I am being filled up to release it. I have also been encountering people in my everyday walk that need prayer for physical healing. They stand out to me like some sort of homing device whereas before they may have been present but I did not see them. God is using me to lead a prayer group at my parish and the first meeting a young lady was healed of sciatic nerve pain she had for 26 years, one of plantar fasciitis, and another with left shoulder pain. There is a new clarity and understanding of God’s word and His vision. I am so on fire for the Lord that I am highly combustible! So I pray others catch the FIRE. Come Holy Spirit! I want more! Praise the Lord!