summer intensive

The Online Campus Summer Intensive  provides a survey of the first 4 quarters of the Encounter School of Ministry over a fast 4-week period.


The Summer Intensive  is a powerful experience that helps bridge the gap between the supernatural lifestyle of Jesus and the everyday experience of many believers. Focusing on topics from the first four quarters of Encounter School of Ministry, participants get a taste of the joy, transformation, and renewal that is at the heart of Encounter’s mission!

Using the model for the Encounter School of MinistryOnline Campus, participants will have a dynamic experience covering material from the first four quarters of the School of Ministry in just four weeks.

•  1 quarter per week (over a 4-week period)
•  2 course videos to watch per week (anytime your schedule allows)
•  1 live Zoom class per week
•  Live classes will be led by a trained facilitator.



live class

Classes meet once weekly on Tuesdays.

Session 1: July 9  | Session 2: July 16 
Session 3: July 23 | Session 4: July 30

Register for either:

Afternoon (1:00-3:00 PM ET) or
Evening (7:00-9:00 PM ET)

During the week, you can watch the lessons at anytime, but one afternoon or evening per week you’ll join our live Zoom session.  These sessions will  include powerful prayer ministry, activations, testimonies, Q&A, and impartation from leaders and team members. Expect miracles!


flexible Course Lessons

Each week, course video lessons will be released for participants to watch with the flexibility their schedule allows. Participants will then join a once-weekly, live Zoom session with other course participants from around the world.

Week 1: identity & transformation

All fruitful ministry flows not from greater performance or striving but from our identity as beloved sons and daughters of God.  The transformation that we need to undergo comes from the “renewal of your mind” (cf Rom 12:2) and thinking from the mind of Christ.


Course Sessions:
  • Session 1:  Identity & Overview
  • Session 2: Renewal of the Mind, Students of the Supernatural
live zoom class:
  • July 9


Jesus never proclaimed the Gospel without demonstrating it in power and love.  Jesus’ healing ministry is at the heart of His Gospel of power and he expects his disciples to minister his healing on the earth (cf Mt 16:18-19).  This class provides a foundation for partnering with the Holy Spirit to bring healing to the world around us.


course sessions:
  • Session 1: Theology of Healing
  • Session 2: Five-Step Prayer Model
live zoom class
  • July 16


Our goal is to grow in our relationship with God and strive to become more aware of the way he speaks to us for our own sake.  From that foundation, we are able to move in the prophetic gifts of the Holy Spirit which God enables us to hear His voice in different ways for the world around us.


Course Sessions:
  • Session 1: Hearing God’s Voice
  • Session 2: Prophetic Activations
live zoom class:
  • July 23


Jesus Christ came to set the captives free and release prisoners.  He wants us to partner with Him to bring freedom and wholeness to a broken world.  One of the most intense quarters, this class will scratch the surface in understanding how we can be more effective in healing hearts with Christ and setting those free from oppression by the enemy.


course sessions:
  • Session 1: Inner Healing & Freedom
  • Session 2: Practical Tools
Live Zoom Session:
  • July 30



The Encounter School of Ministry values freedom and joy in our response to God’s goodness. We express this in our school culture through childlike worship. Classes begin with an extended time of praise as we cultivate our awareness of God’s manifest presence and celebrate together His goodness.

powerful LESSONS & speakers

Students learn about the nature of transformation by the renewal of the mind and seek to shift from thinking from an earthly perspective to a heavenly perspective in regard to ministry.


We believe that as you embrace your identity and live out of the inheritance Jesus won for you, your mission, ministry, and God-given dreams will flourish in every season of life. Live sessions will include breakout groups for activations and prayer ministry. 


We believe community is essential. You’ll meet with other passionate disciples to encourage and build you up. You never know where the Spirit might lead with your new brothers and sisters in Christ.


You will have many opportunities to both receive and offer prayer ministry, practice with the gifts you have understood and activated, and share God’s heart with your neighbors.

Q&A w/ special guests


Which weekly, Tuesday Zoom session would you like to register for?

While the class video sessions offer the flexibility to watch any time throughout the week, these Zoom sessions will meet:
Session 1: July 9 | Session 2: July 16 | Session 3: July 23 | Session 4: July 30





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After you attend the online Summer Intensive, we hope you’ll consider joining our 2-year School of Ministry. Find more information at

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