We value the power of testimony and we choose to celebrate the stories of what God is doing. We hope that you are encouraged by these stories that have been submitted to us. If one of the stories touches you, ask God to do the same in your life!


healing testimonies


Fr. Gonyeau’s Prayer at Healing Service

I attended the healing service at St. Patrick's church led by Fr. Gonyeau on Sept. 06, 2019. At one point, he breathed/blew hard a couple of times in the microphone. At the same time, I felt someone blowing on the right side of my neck and gently touching the very top...

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Inner Healing & Physical Healing

I was invited by my friend, Patty to attend the Encounter School of Healing. It was a Divine Providence weekend for me. Friday night as Fr. Patrick prayed for the Holy Spirit to come down upon us, to heal us, I had been praying this past month to open my heart to...

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Healed of Eosinophilic Esophagitis

On the closing of the second day of the Pacific Northwest Conference, the leaders held a Words of Healing and Wisdom group prayer. The five ministers were calling out sicknesses and injuries prompted by the Holy Spirit and commanding them to leave the people or...

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Healing of a right achilles tendon

At the service in the Seattle area, Patrick had a word of knowledge that a right achilles tendon and foot would be healed. The healing took place while I slept . I went to the chiropractor who has been treating this for years on 7/9/2019. She told me the bump which...

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Progressive Healing of Food Allergies

I went to a healing ministry at St. Patrick's in Brighton back in December and prayed about some food sensitivities that I've had for a long time. Since then, I've been getting gradually better. Certain foods would make me itchy and I'd get rashes and sores on my...

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Knee pain and leg lengthened

This healing is something that I believe started during Ministry school but happened during the conference. ( a little background )I’ve had knee pain since I was about 12- they told me it was “growing pains “. It never went away- would be worse at different times-...

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Healed thyroid with Doctors Verification

While at the Healing Conference in Jackson Patrick Reis looked at me and said, "Do you have a thyroid problem?" I looked around, not thinking that you were talking to me because I had just slipped back in from using the restroom and was surprised that he was directing...

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healing testimonies

Sharing testimony is to prophesy what God is going to do again. We hope you will receive inspiration and healing from what God has done in the life of others.


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