The overall fruit of the Encounter Conference has been a deepening of my true identity as a child of God and the authority that is given to me, and greater trust …Yes! Last fall, I sensed the lord saying that our time of preparation was over and He was about to “accelerate” our ministry. This is what I have been seeing since I got back from the conference, this moving out and “acceleration” of our healing ministry and opportunities increasing at parish events. I’ve seen the emergence of new gifts and increased anointing not only in those who went to the conference, but a parish member who did not go is also suddenly taking off in her gifts of healing prayer. A member of our healing ministry back at home has had several things wrong with her eyes, but we prayed for her and when she went to the doctor’s a few days later for laser surgery for a tear in the retina, the doctor could not find it! My pastoral associate and his wife had also gone to the conference, and were immediately very bold in public, praying for people at gas stations, and for a woman after daily Mass, inviting a few others to join them, including our pastor! We have a monthly parish event with praise and worship music and Eucharistic Adoration, and the next one will feature more prominently the gift of healing, with stories of healing shared from the Fearless documentary, a teaching on the importance of raising expectant faith, and taking the risk to have the teams out front and center all during the healing service instead in the back chapel.