As an initially reluctant participant at the 2019 Encounter Conference, my right leg was healed along with a word of knowledge detailing how the healing would occur and progress afterwards. I broke my tibia (shin bone) in four places and my fibula in two while racing a motorcycle in March of 2017. After two surgeries (intramedullary nail), non weight-bearing for eight weeks, learning to walk again, and ten months of physical therapy, I still walked with a limp from nerve damage and lack of strength nearly two years after the accident. I couldn’t rise up on the ball of my foot. At Encounter 2019 it was immediately healed to nearly full strength, then faded over several hours back to the way it started. Before all this, the Lord had revealed to me that it would be healed but regress, then start an accelerated recovery in the months to come. And it did. Within a month or so, I was walking normally and people were asking what had happened. This was a before/after moment in my life and has truly transformed not only myself, but my marriage, my kids, and my workplace. The Lord has prepared us to do a work in our church and community. In 2019 I attended the School of Prophetic Ministry and finally understood an anointing that has been on me for a long time. My wife attended the School of Healing and has been healing folks around here locally. This year just after returning from the January 2020 Encounter Conference in Toledo, we are leading a seven-week Discovering Christ program in our church and starting to find and support others around us who are living in faith and the Spirit. It strikes me that none of this is possible without the courage to say yes by each and everyone involved with Encounter Ministries. God has given my family a mission and the fire within us to do it, and Encounter is a critical part of that. Thank you to all of you. I pray that you will find encouragement in my words, and that the Father will continue to show you His heart for the people you serve.

– (Leo) Perry Seaman